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Riverlights heading to Phase 2?

Riverlights Phase 1
Riverlights Phase 1 is selling quickly, and once they hit the 80% sold mark Phase 2 will be released

Construction at Riverlights Has Taken Off

As of today (3/17/2017), Phase 1 is nearly 80% sold out, and there are only 4 pond front sites still available.  Just two months ago the only homes in site were the builder models.  Now there are homes popping up all over Phase 1.  Unlike many developments which allow buyers to wait years to build, Newland requires that buyers start construction within 12 months of securing their lot.  This is great for many reasons, but the biggest reason is that it ensures that buyers in each phase won’t have to deal with construction dragging out for half a decade.  Based on current estimates, it looks likely that Phase 1 will be mostly complete by the summer of 2018.

Choosing the Right Builder means Choosing the Right Lot

With seven builders competing for your business, it really helps to have someone to help you navigate the waters, so to speak, of how to choose the right builder.  The process isn’t as clear cut as one might think.  Builders have been allotted specific, and with the exception of the fully custom builders (Plantation and Charter), each builder has exclusive rights to those specific lots.  Plantation and Charter share the custom home sites on a first come first serve basis.

What does this mean for you as a potential buyer?

If you are looking for a waterfront lot it means quite a bit.  If you would like help securing a waterfront lot, or any lot for that matter, be sure to give me a call at 910-297-6058 or send me an email at

If you are looking for a list of homes currently completed/underway, or if you are just curious about pricing, you can click here to see a complete list of homes for sale in Riverlights 

There are also some really nice Townhomes that Plantation Builders has released in Riverlights Marina Village.  These townhomes are amazing, and built to the same impeccable standards that we’ve come to expect from one of Wilmington’s premiere custom and semi custom home builder.

Riverlights Phase 2
Riverlights Phase 2 is expected to be released sometime mid 2017 with 20 plus home sites overlooking the main pond.

Phase 2 Nearing Release?

With Phase 1 of Riverlights well underway, developers are currently working to finalize Phase 2.  The roads have been cut in with the rock down and compacted, and most of the roads have curbs and storm drains.  I’ve walked these new lots, and many enjoy amazing views of the main Riverlights pond.  Builders lined up to get access to the waterfront lots, and these sites will be the first to go.  Lot premiums in phase 1 range from $7,000 to $10,000, but I suspect those will increase slightly in this next phase.  Several lots look very nice, and will likely have much higher premiums.

Bottom Line

This community is shaping up to be exactly what Newland promised it would be, and what they have delivered over and over again throughout the United States.


Randy Harmon is an expert in New Homes Sales, and has extensive knowledge of the Riverlights Development. Click here to contact him directly for assistance with buying your dream home in Riverlights.

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