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5 Things You Should Love About Your Home Before You Commit


Buyers should be sure to love these five traits about a potential new place.

Our RE/MAX Essential agents are professional matchmakers, connecting homebuyers with properties they’ll love. Here are five, hard-to-change traits they need to consider before committing to a new home.

1. Square footage

Too small and you may quickly outgrow your new space. Too big can mean unnecessary energy bills and money spent furnishing space you never use. Aim for “just right.”

2. Drive time

Be sure your daily commute won’t leave you sitting in traffic, rethinking your relationship with your house. Consider driving to work from your potential home a couple times during rush hour to know what you’re getting into.

3. Walkability

Being able to stroll to shops, restaurants, parks and public transportation can really boost your quality of life. If it’s important to you, check out your potential home’s official walkability score at ​​​​.

4. Community

Does the neighborhood include features that are critical to your particular lifestyle, like yoga studios, late night takeout options or a safe playground for your kids (or pups)?

5. Planes, trains and automobiles

If you travel frequently, consider how close your potential new home is to the airport, main highways or public transportation. Not a fan of planes flying overhead – or the noise of late-night trains passing by? Keep that in mind when scoping out areas as well.
A lot goes into making that perfect connection with a new home. We’re the best matchmakers in the business, with a devoted team committed to helping people find homes they’ll fall in love with.

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